Unmet Needs Posted October 10, 2019

Unmet needs update:  We continue to have multiple ride request to fill.  Anyone willing to volunteer to give specific rides (or just give rides in general) please contact our office!

Volunteer Needs:

·         Ride for a woman from South Shore Care Center to Sanford Hospital for dialysis every Tuesday morning.  The patient speaks mostly Spanish so a bi-lingual volunteer would be appreciated, although not required.

·         Someone willing to help with housework and shopping for a woman who has health issues.  This may turn into an on-going paid position. 



●     Gift Cards in small denominations for Faith and Finance class incentives. 

●     Winter coats, snowpants, boots, etc in all child sizes

●     Twin size beds

●     Bed pillows

●     Diapers of all sizes

●     Washers and Dryers in working condition

●     Gas Stove in working condition


Thank you!

If you are able to help, please call Love INC at:  (507) 727-7291