Instructions on Reporting Hours

Thank you for reporting your volunteer hours to Love INC.  Your diligence in reporting these hours help us to celebrate and report to stakeholders what an amazing group of people we have!  

In order to report hours, your name and email address must already exist (and match) in our system.  If you're getting an email from us to report your hours, then that's the email that we have.

First, go to the site below.  If you click on the image, you will be taken to another window that looks like the image below or click here to go Report Hours

Second, click on the drop down menu and select the Volunteer Job you are reporting hours for. See image below.

Selecting "Volunteer Job" gets you these options

Third, fill in the Start Date and End Date.  If you are waiting until the end of the month to report the total hours, then enter the first day of the month for Start Date and the last day of the month for End Date.

If you are entering hours as the volunteer job occurs or just happened, enter the day that meeting or job took place for Start Date and End Date.  We would prefer you enter hours as meetings or jobs conclude but it is not required to do it this way.

Don't forget to actually enter the hours you volunteered. For one and half hour, enter 1.5 and for an one hour and 45 minutes enter 1.75, and so on.

Last, to submit hours for another job, start from the step one (go to a new Report Hours site) and follow the same steps.

Note, we will remove jobs after a period of time.  You may still submit volunteer hours, but you will have to call or email us.  This is for limited access at this point, and so we have put a password on the Report Hours site.  Call Love INC if you need access.