Bruce’s motto in life had been to “never surrender”, but in the past six months he says he has be-come ready to surrender to God.

Bruce called in to Love INC after being referred by his pastor. He was in the process of having to move, and he had many needs. He needed a different place to live, he needed help with transportation, and he needed to be working again. But most of all, he needed HOPE. Bruce lost his wife to cancer over a decade ago, and the pain of his loss still lingers with him. But he’s a survivor. Bruce’s motto in life had been to “never surrender”, but in the past six months he says he has be-come ready to surrender to God.

After hearing Bruce’s story, he was immediately referred to several housing resources. He made phone calls and completed several housing applications. Church volunteers were mobilized to give him rides into Worthington to check out housing options, and a church volunteer sat down with him in his current home to help with the written applications. More rides were given in the following weeks for errands and appointments.

Eventually, Bruce’s current housing situation ended and he spent a couple of weeks in a hotel. No doors were being opened yet in regards to housing options. Love INC staff and volunteers kept in contact with Bruce almost daily, offering support, encouragement, and prayer. A volunteer also delivered a couple of meals to him at the hotel. Then one day, a donor called to donate some furniture items from the apartment she was moving out of. Staff asked about her landlord, and if the apartment was being rented after she moved out. Bruce made contact with the landlord, and the apartment was available for him. God provides!

After moving into his new place, Bruce was referred to church GAP ministries for personal care items, laundry and dish soap, and household cleaning supplies. His apartment didn’t have any curtains for the windows or cupboards for his dishes, so those items were put on the unmet needs list. Brand new curtains were donated, and a volunteer delivered the curtains to Bruce and assisted him in getting them hung. A cabinet was also donated and delivered to Bruce’s apartment.

Bruce is back working full time and he has reconnected with some family members. To give back, he offered to volunteer for an afternoon in the furniture ministry warehouse. Bruce commented that Love INC helped him not only with material items, but with so much encouragement.

For Bruce and for all of the church volunteers who offered time, resources, or prayers…we give all thanks and glory to God!