Elaine first heard about Love INC when she was living in Illinois, but didn’t know what the organization was all about or that “INC” meant “In the Name of Christ”. She recently moved back to Worthington and was at her daughter’s house when she saw a Love INC Magnet on the refrigerator. When she was able to secure her own apartment but couldn’t afford the past due bill owing at the electric company, Elaine called in to Love INC for help. A caring volunteer listened to her story. Love INC does not provide direct financial assistance , so other resources were found and suggested. Elaine was referred to a community agency where she was able to receive help with part of her bill, and she was also able to work out a plan with the electric company. She moved into her new apartment and spent all of her money on paying the deposit and moving in. She didn’t have any money left for household basics. That’s when Elaine received a follow up phone call from a volunteer at Love INC, offering items from local church GAP ministries such as laundry and dish soap, and household cleaning supplies. These items were delivered by church volunteers, and Elaine said she just cried. The stress of moving in and the physical effects of current chemotherapy treatments had taken their toll, but she knew there was still hope.

When I’m there, I forget what’s ailing me. I also realize that I need to use my time like Jesus would use his time.
— Elaine

Elaine was then invited to attend Love INC's next Growing Hope class: Getting Better, Not Just Getting By. She attended the informational orientation and she signed up. Elaine describes the class as “healing”. It has helped her to find her purpose, it eases her stress, it keeps her grounded, and it motivates her to continue in her positive path. The class has also helped her understand the Bible and its worth. Elaine looks forward to the weekly sessions and said “When I’m there, I forget what’s ailing me. I also realize that I need to use my time like Jesus would use his time.” Elaine said her classmates are very diverse, and she appreciates that. She also appreciates hearing from other participants about what they are going through. So often their problems are all different; yet through the Bible study and the questions they discuss together, they find that they are all able to problem-solve in the same way and apply what they have learned to their real lives. She said the class has truly helped her to mature and grow, and she highly recommends the class to others.