Alba is a member of a local church, and says the most positive thing about her week is going to church and deepening her relationship with Jesus.  She was introduced to Love in the Name of Christ by a Community Connector.  Alba had some doctor’s appointments scheduled in Sioux Falls, but she didn’t know how she would get there to see the specialist.  She has health issues and she is unable to work.  Verification was done to see if any other ride options were available for her, and then she was referred to the ride ministry.  Caring volunteers from local churches gave her rides to appointments in Sioux Falls.  A short time later, Alba received a notice that her naturalization process was underway, and she had an immigration interview in Sioux Falls.   A ride was given by a different volunteer, and Alba passed her interview and citizenship assessment that day. 

In follow up conversations with Alba in regards to the rides given, volunteers learned about more needs that Alba had.  Alba did not have a bed to sleep on so she would walk to her daughter’s house every night so that she didn’t have to sleep on the floor of her apartment, as it irritated her on-going health issues.  An inspection was done of her apartment, Alba was referred to the furniture ministry, and a bed and night stand were delivered.  She also commented how hot her upper level apartment gets in the summer with no air conditioning.  A fan was put on the unmet needs list, and a church member donated a brand new fan for her.  Alba had also asked about help purchasing prescription glasses.  Her medical coverage did not cover eye glasses, and her limited income prevented her from purchasing glasses herself.  Love INC does not provide direct financial assistance.  Instead, though, Love INC was able to connect her with the local Lion’s Club.  After reviewing an application and referral form done by Love INC staff, the Lion’s Club was able to provide a voucher for Alba to get her glasses at a local eye clinic.

One of Alba’s most recent rides from the Love INC ride ministry was to the Twin Cities for her naturalization ceremony.  God has truly blessed her life since coming to the United States 15 years ago.  Now, what great pride and excitement she had in taking the oath and accepting her honor as a United States Citizen.